Booting into macOS Recovery in VMware Fusion 10

I recently ran into a problem where I needed to boot into a Recovery Partition in VMware Fusion 10 to disable System Integrity Protection. The instructions from VMware are quite difficult to get just right. I’m not sure if it’s because of changes to VMware Fusion, but I simply could not get it to read CMD + R at boot when powering on the virtual machine.

I also tried following the instructions in this post: including what is suggested in the comments.

However if I add the the line macosguest.forceRecoveryModeInstall = "TRUE" to end of the VM’s .vmx config file to force it to go into recovery mode, disable SIP, and then delete the line from the vmx file, it continuously reboots into Recovery. I’ve seen the recommendation to delete the .nvram file, but that re-enables SIP even if it boots me back into the regular OS.

I also found instructions that suggested I simply type the following in macOS:

sudo nvram "recovery-boot-mode=unused"
sudo reboot

But that also did not work.

I asked for help on MacAdmins Slack and found a solution that’s a lot more simple which I felt the need to share in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar position. Credit to the those that shared this with me.

1) Choose Power on to Firmware from the Virtual Machine menu
2) Select “Enter Setup”
3) Boot from a file
4) Arrow down to Recovery HD
5) Hit enter until you can pick boot.efi
6) Select boot.efi
7) Hit enter

From there you can then disable System Integrity Protection and then restart back into macOS.

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